Investment funding & Insurance management

INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P. is an eleven-year-old year asset-based lending firm with an expertise in creative real estate financing and business lending. INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P. specializes in non-traditional business credit solutions. We provide innovative commercial financing to small and mid-market sized companies. Funding may be secured by assets including equipment, accounts receivable, inventory and real estate. Asset-based lending (ABL) supports operations, acquisition, and growth.

With shrinking resources available from traditional lending sources, INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P. focuses on identifying financial networks capable of providing their clients with the financing needed to meet production deadlines and operational goals. Innovative, flexible and results-oriented, INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P.’s team gets the job done with honesty and integrity.

Our lending partners are secondary market lenders who use both private money and funds provided by banks, insurance companies, and private investors. The power of our relationships allows us to address the most challenging financial needs.

Statement of Purpose

INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P., is an alternative financing company that develops financing strategies and secures financing for small and midsized companies.
We provide alternative financing expertise to rapid growth companies, start-ups and well-established companies that are experiencing difficulty obtaining traditional bank financing including lines of credit and term loans. Our dependable funding programs “bridge the lending gap” for companies who do not have cash reserves or ready access to capital to sustain and grow their businesses, fill new orders, execute contracts, pay suppliers and capture new opportunities.

Alternative financing enables business owners to make payroll and seize rare and unique opportunities that would be otherwise lost, due to lack of funding. We enable companies of all sizes, industries, and ownership including veteran, 8(a), women, and disadvantaged and traditional business owners to pursue projects and contracts with the assurance that funding will be available for executing when contracts are awarded.

We Understand Your Business – We get it!

There is no substitute for experience and we have been helping companies like yours for over ten years. We are an independent organization that is focused on one thing – you. That’s why we do things your way.

Easy To Do Business With

If we are going to do things “your way”, we must listen and we must be flexible. We offer a wide range of solutions that can be customized to meet your specific needs and goals. We promise to “make it easy”.

Competitive Rates

We have the experience and the relationships that mean lower costs to you. Our independence from corporate overhead allows us to pass the significant saving to our clients.

Credibility and Integrity

Our founders have made it clear “without credibility and integrity we are nothing”. You can trust us.

Our Services

We offer more than just cash against your receivables. We offer various other services including our financial operations consulting practice.

Our Clients

One of the advantages of being an INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P. Financial Solutions client is enjoying the benefits of our experience in multiple business sectors. The best practices of many industries are provided when you choose INVESTMENT FUND - INSURANCE L.P. as your financial services partner.


Project Financing, whether start up or Existing Project

  • Asset Based Funding
  • Bridge Financing (Various Types)
  • Communications
  • Computer related
  • Consumer Products
  • Cultural Industry Related (Shows and Plays)
  • Distribution
  • Energy (Various Types)
  • Financial Services
  • Hotels Motels, Resorts
  • Manufacturing (Various Types)
  • Medical / Health
  • Movie Picture Financing
  • Publishing (Various type)
  • Real Estatae Projects (Various)
  • Research and Development Equity Funding
  • Waste Management
  • Industrial and
  • Manufacturing Plant,
  • Existing or Start Up