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Apartment Loans

 Maximize your investment with the right apartment loan. Multiple apartment financing programs available to meet your individual needs and investment goals. for more information Please click here

Green Energy Financing

We offer unique and proprietary project financing programs for solar, waste-to-energy, wind, fuel cell and geothermal project developers seeking to finance for commercial (corporate or governmental) projects in excess of $500,000,000. for more information please click here

Commercial Loans

With a dynamic mix of commercial real estate loans, we make your search for the best commercial mortgage loan a bit easier. for more information, Please click here

Mining Financing

We pioneered the concept of a mining-focused loan funding.  we are a specialist in mining and also partners with companies to build strong, successful and sustainable businesses that strive to produce superior returns for all stakeholders. for more information, please click here 


The Loan Process

From quote to closing, a dedicated team of seasoned professionals ensures a smooth efficient closing. Learn more about the loan process.

International Funding

International funding for commercial real estate, infrastructure, energy, casinos, gaming, mining, and other such projects will be considered only if they demonstrate responsible funding structures and defensible underlying economics. Our minimum funding amount for transactions outside the United States is $500,000 -- although exceptions can be made for situations in which subsequent, compelling opportunities are present for the minimum sizes.

Outside of the U.S., we are primarily interested in the following geographies: Canada, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, select Latin American geographies, most of Europe, select Middle Eastern and African countries, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, other select Asian countries, Australia, and New Zealand. Please check LIST OF APPROVED COUNTRIES.

Companies in countries with significant political instability or with stated national interests adverse to those of the United States may not qualify for funding. In addition, transactions that are deemed highly speculative or risky likewise will not qualify. Though our greatest interest will be in companies in countries with investment grade ratings (or that indicate robust opportunities for economic growth in the near term), our sources are not exclusively limited to those geographies.

As with other funding requests, we will require a brief executive summary in English and preferably converted into U.S. currency as an initial step for our analysis of international funding prospects