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Loan Calculations

The Loan Process

Commercial & Business Loan Process
With an innovative, standardized, product-driven online commercial and business lending platform and a dedicated team of seasoned commercial mortgage professionals and business loan appraisal teams assigned to each loan request, We provide a smooth and seamless customer experience from your initial quote for a commercial mortgage loan or apartment loan through closing.

  1. Standardized electronic loan platform
  2. Streamlined loan process
  3. Faster closings
  4. Experienced commercial mortgage team assigned to every loan request
  5. Fewer fees and lowers costs

Complete Online Loan Request Summary

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to complete our project funding application page, please click here
  • There is no cost or obligation.
  • Your social security number is not required.
  • We don't pull your credit report.
  • There is no hard sell. You can either accept our offer or not.
  • We never sell or provide your personal information or email address to unrelated third parties.

Receive Confirmation Email

  • Immediately receive a confirmation email with the contact information for your assigned dedicated team of commercial mortgage specialists or business loan appraisal teams.
  • Your team will stay with the transaction from initial quote through closing.

Letter of Intent (LOI) Issued

  • An LOI or conditional approval is issued typically within 24-72 hours of receipt of the outstanding diligence outlined in your initial quote.
  • The LOI will provide detailed information about the rate, terms costs and conditions of the loan.
  • You can accept our offer or not. There is no cost or obligation up until this point.

Start the Underwriting Process

  • Once you execute the LOI and submit the legal department would be notified to begin with the drafting of the funding agreement
  • Third party reports are ordered.
  • An outstanding due diligence checklist will be provided.
  • Our goal is to obtain the outstanding due diligence before the third party reports are due.
  • Receive third party reports, finalize underwriting and issue a firm commitment.


  • Our goal is to close your commercial, business or apartment loan within 2weeks to 45 days of receipt of LOI 
  •  An escrow would be selected by the insurance arm of our Investment firm. The deposit from the borrower would be insured at no extra cost to the borrower
  • The closing package, including the loan documents, will be sent via email or Fax to the designated borrower contact details.

Note that the escrow charge would depend strictly on the following factors:

  1. Type of project
  2. The ROI of the project
  3. How much is requested
  4. The location of the project

Commercial real estate loan program availability may vary depending on property type, location, population, economic conditions, exposure, and other variables that may negatively influence risk. Program rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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